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How To Keep Critters Out Of Your Self Storage Unit in Kalispell, Montana

How To Keep Critters Out Of Your Self Storage Unit in Kalispell, Montana

Kalispell is a city in North West Montana located in the Flathead County. Several people in Kalispell keep items in self-storage facilities. Self-storage facilities offer families and businesses the extra space to keep items they do not have a need for at the moment and do not have enough space to store. Truman storage offers Self-Storage units in Kalispell MT that provides convenience of extra space, but there is one peculiar problem with self-storage units in general.

They are usually troubled by critters and rodents.
The biggest question on the minds of people who use self-storage units is how to keep critters away from them.
These are the ways you can keep critters away from your self-storage unit in Kalispell, Montana.

Luckily Truman Storage has solutions to to storage questions:


  1. Avoid storing food items in storage units. One of the ways you can keep critters out of your self-storage unit in Kalispell, Montana is to avoid storing food items in them. Ordinarily, most self-storage centers usually forbid food items because of their tendency to attract rodents and vermin. All kinds of food items attract rodents, insects and other parasites. A person who stores items in a storage unit should avoid keeping food items at all costs. Consequently, this is a vitally important step in ensuring that your self-storage unit is pest free.


  1. Wash all cookware thoroughly before storing them in self-storage units. Another way to rid your self-storage unit of pests is to ensure that you thoroughly clean cutlery, plates, cups, pots and all other cookware before storing them in the self-storage units. If the smell of food lingers on them, rodents would infiltrate into your group and cause significant damage to the items stored. Always clean and properly dry all cooking utensils that you intend to store in a self-storage unit.


  1. Double check your items for pests before you store them in self-storage units. Sometimes, rodents and other pests are found in storage units merely because they came along with the things that were deposited in the flats. It is essential to take a good look at the items you are seeking to a self-storage unit to ensure that they are not already pest infested before you store them.


  1. Avoid using cardboard boxes from grocery stores to store items in self-storage units. When packing and storing items in self-storage units, do not make the mistake of using cardboard boxes from grocery stores. Several people do this because it is a cheap alternative. This is dangerous as such cardboard boxes may contain food residue which will undoubtedly trigger a pest infestation of your self-storage unit.


  1. Spray storage units with pesticides and insecticides before using them. One reliable way to keep critters out of storage units in Kalispell, Montana is to spray them with insecticides and pesticides before using them. This is an innovative way to ensure that pests and insects are kept at bay. Insecticides and pesticides to keep bugs and other rodents out of storage units, spraying these chemicals on self-storage units before using them is a great way to reduce the chances of an infestation. Pesticides and insecticides are very useful in controlling pests and insect infestation. Most pesticides and insecticides work by affecting the nervous system of the pest. This leads to the death of the pest in cases of mild application of pesticides, paralysis occurs, but it would often time lead to death.


  1. Pack your items in plastic containers with lids. One reliable way to keep pests and other rodents from your storage unit is to discourage them from the start by packing all your item in plastic boxes with lids. Mice cannot chew plastic, when it becomes impossible for them to eat your things, there would be no pest infestation.


  1. Place cotton balls doused with peppermint oil in a corner of the storage unit. Another innovative way to deter critters from taking over your storage unit in Kalispell, Montana is to keep cotton balls doused with peppermint oil in a corner of the self-storage unit. Peppermint oil repels critters. It is beneficial if you use 100% peppermint oil. There are several peppermint oils specially formulated to resist mice. They can be purchased at local supermarkets and health food stores. Moreover, make sure you apply enough peppermint oil to the cotton balls. For this to work efficiently, endeavor to select the right location where you would place the cotton balls. Place the cotton balls in the most likely entrance for mice and other rodents.


  1. Consider spraying the edges of the self-storage unit with roach powder. Cockroaches and insects that infest a self-storage unit are usually found at the edges where the unit wall meets the floor. In order to repel them, consider spraying the edges with roach powder. This will act as a trap when insects go to the sides to hide; the roach powder would be waiting for them.


  1. Don’t store mattresses that are infested with bedbugs. Bed Bugs are a severe problem to deal with This is why it is important not to store cushions that contain bed bugs. This will only allow them to multiply and spread to other items within the storage unit. If you are unsure if your mattress is infested with bed bugs, spray with insecticide and vacuum before storing it This will ensure that all bed bugs are killed if there are some of them. Moreover, wash bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets before storing them in the self-storage unit. This will also ensure that all bed bugs are eliminated.


  1. Hire a professional pest exterminator. Professional pest exterminators are licensed and highly trained people who use the most advanced system and methods to control pest infestation. There are several benefits of hiring a professional pest exterminator to eliminate pests from your storage unit. One of them is that such professionals are very experienced in dealing with pests. They know where they love to hide, what they are resistant to, level of resistance to certain chemicals, how they reproduce, factors that trigger pest infestation among others. Partnering with a professional pest exterminator is a remarkable way of keeping pests out of your self-storage unit.




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